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Corporal Stamping


Performance at Void General Store

Inserto + Babi Mello(Foguentinhe Online)

The performance consists of 30 minutes of the artist Babi Mello (Foguentinhe Online) having his body stamped by the artist Luccas Morais, member of Inserto. The stamps are made out of silk screens in which both of the artists cooperate to create the process together.

“Corporal stamping” overflows the limits of silk, one of the most ancient techniques of printing, exploring the surface beyond paper, and experiencing it in the body. A parallel between body/stamp and body/tattoos. Demonstrating the strength of the symbolism behind the marks that stamps make.

Corporal Stamping (2018)

We have made the second edition of the “Corporal stamping” performance with collaborations of collectives and artists such as Aun Helden and Estileras. This time, we opened the performance to interact with the audience, with silk and seal supports, stamping skins and clothing from all the people around us that would like to participate.

Performance em Cartel 011

Inserto + Aun Helden + Estileras

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