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Reverse French Nails (2022) 
Part of a residency at a Jagermeister event

The piece revolves around three associations to nails in the common sense: Vulgar, Dirty, and Exaggeration. From these words placed on the ground, the viewer finds a fixed concept, as opposed to what is around them. Surrounding them are images of nails printed on a fabric, and above them are three sets of nails. The nails are in the "frenchie" style, composed of beige and white color, in order to represent the tones of the natural nail. And so, they are known for their traditional, neutral style. Such associations present in common sense are put in a negative way and demonstrate a pre-judgment often based on gender, race, and class biases, in which many defend the idea of a pure, clean and standardized beauty.

Through a transdisciplinary installation, Cyshimi creates a conflict between such fixed ideas and the possibilities of a free nail, through images of sculptural nails, the subversion of the traditional French nails and the phrases like "Somewhere you belong", "Be your teenage dream" and "Reimagining the self". The title "Reverse French Nails" makes reference to the most used frenchie technique in nail extensions, at the same time alluding to the subversion and counterposition of elements in the work. Throughout their research, the fingernails represent a new vision of the world, a new possibility of being. And from this new possibility there is a rupture of hegemonic ideas of beauty and lifestyle. At the same time that their nail sculptures are surreal, they are also real - about bodies, identity, and reimagining the self.

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