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1212 - Qipaos Giveaway (2020)

Annual colaborative project - In pause

Qipao(Chinese Dress) giveaway with printing intervention in a collaborative process with the artist and the winners of the drawing. There will be 12 qipaos produced throughout the twelve months of the year 2020(paused because of covid and isolation). The subscribed people can be of any gender, since they have chinese/taiwanese ancestry and reside in Brazil.


The stamping will be made in handmade silk with stamps designed by the artist @cyshimi and stamps from @_inserto. This project has the goal of reframing the perception towards the Qipao, an object that is very fetishized in brazillian territory. And also, the goal of reuniting chinese people with its ancestry through the printing and dialogue process, in a contemporary way.

Disclosure  graphic piece

January Giveaway - Carol Kuk  (32 years, São Paulo)

February Giveaway - Silvana Lee  (34 years, São Paulo)

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