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Training Wear II (2020) 


Performance at Centro Cultural São Paulo (CCSP), part of Curação project. 

Curator Paula Garcia and Carol Rikka

'Training Wear II" Performance consist in a nail extension process of the last two fingers(ring and pinky finger) with almost every Curação Artist in CCSP. Along 3 days and 5 hours each, i replicate the environment of a nail salon, wearing a training wear, an evening dress stamped with images of nails made by me in a - non ending - period of training. The construction of the last 2 nails is a cultural reference to chinese and royalty empresses, that wore long nails as a representation of status quo and wealth.

The performance evokes physical contact between the artist and every guest present, in times os social isolation, through nail care and the touch of hands. It's a sequel of the video-performance made in the beggining of 2020, which i exhibit the process of extending nails in my room, contrasting this informality with the formality of the evening dress worn.

Live Prints

Nail Results

Curação Live- Day 4

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