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Cyshimi | Viviane Lee Hsu (1998)

Chinese and Taiwanese Brazilian artist based in São Paulo.

Their work explores issues of ancestry, identity, beauty and body through their nail research. For Cyshimi, nails are “Performative Sculptures”, a term coined by the artist who affirms that their nails are not just a static object, but a sculpture that shapes the performativity of bodies. They are a symbol of resistance, empowerment and identity. Cyshimi sees each nail as a new world, built by shapes, colors and textures that, when together, cross those who see and use them.

Nominee at Dazed 100 - Generation 3.0

Clients include Instagram, Dazed, Apple, Spotify, Colors Studios, Vogue Portugal, Metal Magazine, LVMH, Comme des Garçons and more

Solo exhibitions​


Exhibition "" at 18 Gallery

Collective Exhibitions


"Reverse French Nails" installation and "Training Wear" at A gentil Carioca SP  and RJ part of Abre Alas 

"Emoção de Lidar" exhibition in Quadra gallery, São Paulo

NFT Brasil at Bienal Pavilion

"Wayward Refusal at USC Roscki Los Angeles

Creative Claws by LVMH x Zora at Miami Art Basel


"Reverse French Nails" installation part of the residency at Jagermeister 

"Treasure Knots" in SuperTrans exhibit at Super Rare gallery in NYC


"Aquatic Zone" in Refraction Festival x Magma at The Force

"Fresh Energy" at NFT RIO 

"Melted Scorpion" and "Sinked Jewel" in Het Nieuwe Instituut, The Netherlands

"Treasure Knotting" photography in FLUP 22 (Essa minha letra - Lima Barreto e

os modernismos negros)


NFTs  ehxibition through Magma Batch on  Foundation Worlds

"Emoji Flag" sculpture in Circuito Latino Americano de Arte Contemporânea

at Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana


"Training Wear" and "Happy 2021" Performance at Centro Cultural São Paulo(CCSP), curator Paula Garcia


“Untitled” Performance at Salão de Arte Contemporânea Luiz Sacilotto


Photos and Videos exhibits of the installation  "” through Nacional Trovoa at Void

“IICDZ” Video-art exhibit in the show "Se vienen por la manana..." at Interior 2.1 - MEXICO

 “Corporal stamps ll” Performance by Inserto at Cartel 011 with Aun Helden and Estileras 


“Untitled” Performance at Quadrienal de Praga - PQ Brasil


"Corporal Stamps" Performance by Inserto and Foguentinhe Online at Void 



Web Residency OLHÃO by Inserto Collective



""Breaking Beauty" at the Instagram event in Los Angeles - CA



Dazed 100 - Generation 3.0 in partnership with Coach



Course "Rock and air" at Parque Lage Visual Art School with curator

Clarissa Diniz and Ulisses Carrilho


Artistic Accompaniment at Adelina Institute with curator Marcio Harum

2016 - 2018

Graduated in Fashion Design in Centro Universitário Belas Artes

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