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Treasure Knots (2022) 
SuperRare Gallery in Soho NYC

In “Treasure Knots” Cyshimi presents a work with intertwined elements. In this image it’s possible to see the presence of nails, chinese knots and ceramics. The fusing of these elements create a piece with both antique and contemporary tones, when the artist chooses to bring a nail sculpture in the format of Chinese knots in juxtaposition with the postcard “Fingernails of a Highclass Chinaman”. In Chinese culture, knots can represent good luck, longevity and union, a symbolic materialization of wishes and commitments, like amulets. The research on chinese knots started as a consequence of a previous study on qipaos(traditional chinese dresses), which contain these decorative knots in the buttons of the dresses, which was once an object of study for the artist, in their piece “1212 - Qipao Giveaway”(2020). 


Looking back in the history of this culture, long nails were a symbol of status quo for the royalty, when empresses would wear long nails or “nail guards” as it meant that they weren’t able to do manual labor. For the artist, it’s important to showcase how nails are a strong symbol of resistance, empowerment and identity throughout history and cultures. By the images and narratives that they create, Cyshimi demonstrates the power of nails when assembling memory, body, heritage and materia together. 

Super Rare gallery, NYC

Nasdaq building on Times Square NYC

A physical edition of the work belongs to the Museum of Afro-Brazilian History

in Culture part of FLUP show paying homage  to Lima Barreto artist.

Q&A with curator Laurel Charleston on Superrare

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